Exploring Ames as a family ❤💛

Still not painting but I’m staying very busy. We are doing the college drop off thing this week. 😥 He’s the one on my right and yes you guessed it I’m the one with the mom shirt on.  This is so very hard they grow up so fast 💔 I may be sad but I am also beaming with pride 😊

August is here

August is here already! Wow the summer is flying by! So much I planned to do but didnt. My son leaves our home in Colorado and starts college across the country in 2 short weeks and my mothers health problems have me here in Illinois. I wish I could be in two places at once. 💔 life can change so quickly. Enjoy the moments you have with the ones you love and remember “If life gives you lemons make sweet tea” ❤🍋🥤#thruthepaintbrush #sweettea #watercolorcalendars

Spreading love

Yesterday with the help of some of my family we delivered over sixty mini Valentine’s to the residents at a local nursing home. Sharing my art and putting smiles on faces is my kind of day!

My sisters home

On a recent visit back home to Illinois I started to look around my sistets house. As I looked I discovered so much of my artwork scattered throughout her home that I was suddenly overcome with joy. There’s something very heartwarming about seeing your hard work and passion treasured  like that.❤