August is here

August is here already! Wow the summer is flying by! So much I planned to do but didnt. My son leaves our home in Colorado and starts college across the country in 2 short weeks and my mothers health problems have me here in Illinois. I wish I could be in two places at once. 💔 life can change so quickly. Enjoy the moments you have with the ones you love and remember “If life gives you lemons make sweet tea” ❤🍋🥤#thruthepaintbrush #sweettea #watercolorcalendars

Spreading love

Yesterday with the help of some of my family we delivered over sixty mini Valentine’s to the residents at a local nursing home. Sharing my art and putting smiles on faces is my kind of day!

My sisters home

On a recent visit back home to Illinois I started to look around my sistets house. As I looked I discovered so much of my artwork scattered throughout her home that I was suddenly overcome with joy. There’s something very heartwarming about seeing your hard work and passion treasured  like that.❤

It’s finally finished!

Here I am standing next to my inspiration with my finished watercolor.

The completed retired volkswagon. This painting was done completely on location and took several trips to complete. It was alot of fun and I cant wait to start my next one in the spring.

Retired volkswagon

It was a beautiful and warm day up on the property today and I got to work on my plein air painting❤. I am still deciding if it’s done or if it needs one more trip up the mountain.