Advent day 21

Advent day 21. It is the first day of winter and only four days til Christmas! Are you ready? Are you done shopping? I’m not I need stocking stuffers, holiday food, Christmas napkins and more. My head is kinda spinning at this point 😜

The one thing I don’t need is cards since I make them myself. If you live in my area and still need a special card or two I have plenty and since it’s only four days til Christmas I am offering 40% off for the rest of the countdown! You can stop in Dandelions & Rust or Thistle in Wellington and show them this post for 40% off all my cards, prints, and even my advent card sets to add a little extra decoration to your home. Check the shops for their hours this week❤️



Advent day 20

  • Advent day 20. Your never to old for a snowball fight! Mitten weather is upon us so put on those mittens and make some snowballs and get to throwing ❄️ if you don’t have snow make your own out of old socks stuffed with cotton balls and have a snowball fight indoors.

    ❤️  Since it mitten and sweater weather I had to include this darling sticker made by @the_lilac_crayon

Advent day 19

It’s present wrapping day 🎁 Are you ready to wrap or are you finished already? Do you have your shopping done? Are you fully stocked with paper, tape, boxes, and ribbon? I am all over the place when it comes to wrapping. I wish I was organized enough to wrap gifts when I get them or finish making them but I’m not. I buy gifts as I find them and I just hide them all over the place until right before the big day then it’s a massive project.

 This year I am starting today and will wrap some each day this way I have 6 days to get it all done. Thanks to my advent reminder I even have some gifts under the tree this morning 🎄Evert year I use my bed as a wrapping station so I can close the door, spread out and keep gifts a secret. Happy wrapping everyone ❤️🎁💚

Advent day 18

Advent day 18! Christmas lights can really make this season magical. Sometimes late at night or early in the morning I like to sit and just enjoy the Colorful lights in my house ❤️ I keep my outside lights on a timer so when I come home after dark the magic is there just waiting for me 🥰 I plan to go out for a drive tonight with my family, drink hot cocoa and look at Christmas lights in Fort Collins and a live nativity or two. There are some great Christmas displays this weekend. 🎄If your out and about look for me I will be the one in the reindeer mobile #adventcalendar #adventcalendars #adventcalendar2020


Advent day 17

Advent day 17 shares a wonderful Christmas tradition sending friends and family a Christmas card 💌Today I would like to send you a Christmas card from my art studio. All you need to do is head over to my Instagram page @thruthepaintbrush 📫Follow me. 📫Like today  post 📫Tag someone you think might like a card too. (I will mail out Christmas cards up until Christmas 2020)❤️💚

Here is my little studio complete with my outside kitty cats who love to hangout with me when I am trying to get some work done.

Advent day 16

Advent day 16! There are only 9 days til Christmas and it’s time to get your jingle on! 🎅🎶🔔Blast your favorite Christmas music, wear something festive, and spread some Christmas joy! 🥰 #adventcalendar #adventcalendars #adventcalendar2020

Advent day 15

Advent day 15 Today I am sharing one of my favorite Christmas books from my childhood. ‘‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” this book was printed in 1964 and it still brings me joy and reminds me of the magic of Christmas. I hope you enjoy my copy of this great old story. ❤️📗📕💚#adventcalendar #adventcalendars #adventcalendar2020

Advent day 14

Advent day 14 is a great day to shine! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ No matter who you are you can let your light shine bright like the stars ✨

Advent day 13

Advent day 13 is baking day! This year my daughter made both a gingerbread and a butter cookies recipe and my kids baked and decorated them all. The cookie cutters are a collection of old and new and the butter cookie recipe was from my grandmas recipe box dated 1968 ❤️

Advent day 12

Advent day 12! I’m letting you inside our front door and into our wonky little house to see my Christmas village strategically placed on the only available space in our living room. #adventcalendar #adventcalendars #adventcalendars2020

Take a peek inside my front door