Advent day 19

It’s present wrapping day 🎁 Are you ready to wrap or are you finished already? Do you have your shopping done? Are you fully stocked with paper, tape, boxes, and ribbon? I am all over the place when it comes to wrapping. I wish I was organized enough to wrap gifts when I get them or finish making them but I’m not. I buy gifts as I find them and I just hide them all over the place until right before the big day then it’s a massive project.

 This year I am starting today and will wrap some each day this way I have 6 days to get it all done. Thanks to my advent reminder I even have some gifts under the tree this morning 🎄Evert year I use my bed as a wrapping station so I can close the door, spread out and keep gifts a secret. Happy wrapping everyone ❤️🎁💚